What Do You Fancy?

What do you fancy? 何がいいかしら? =What would you like?

● "Let's go on a trip over the long holiday. What do you fancy, Kyoto or Nara? It's very convenient to go to Nara from Sannomiya. Sannomiya and Nara are directly linked by Hanshin Railway Company."

"Oh, I like to go see a movie better than travelling. Let's see a Clint Eastwood's new movie. Grant Torino."

I received a letter about cash handout from the government. I expected to be given 20,000 yen as a 2 trillion yen cash benefit program. I don’t know if I should be glad because a tax increase is expected in the near future. I simply can’t be pleased with it. According to the news, there are many people losing jobs, many more temporary workers, new graduates who cannot find employment, and the working poor. However, last Sunday I went to a nearby department store. It was crowded with many visitors and many people were waiting in line in front of restaurants. I was really confused and wondered if Japanese people were actually poor.

cash handout 定額給付金 = fixed benefit

He Won It Hands Down.

win hands down (直訳:手を下げて勝つ)は「圧倒的な勝利をおさめる」という意味で、競馬独特の表現。「ムチを入れずに」つまり「手を上げずに」勝つこと。会話でかなり頻繁につかわれる。

A: Did you see that? I thought Bob was off to a running start.

B: Naw. Susan knew what she was doing. She won that presentation hands down.



----------------------- From Asahi Weekly

● Ichiro won WBC hands down.
● Obama won that presidential election hands down.

It’s raining silently this morning. It is a calm weekend. A rainy day makes me feel relaxed. I can rest in my room without thinking to do chores around my house. I planted two cucumbers in the corner of my garden yesterday. This rain is blessing for the young cucumbers.

What Gives?

What gives? 何があったんだ、どうしたの、どうなっているんだ(元々アメリカの口語的な言い方)

●“What gives with Kenji? He’s really acting weird lately.”

“Oh, he’s apparently pretty sick himself. I think he is too exhausted and distressed to work.”

● “ The plane’s departure time has passed and there has been no announcement. What gives.?

“ Oh, they’re probably having no technical problem. I’m sure it’s because of bad weather.”

Don’t give me that. そんなばかな、そんなばかなこと言うのは止めろ、ばかなことを言うな。(英語圏の国ではどこでも普通に用いられる。)

●”Prof. Tanaka divorced his wife one year ago. Don’t give me that! I don’t believe it.”

There have been some sponsor sites attached to my blog these days. I don’t know why. Is my blog so popular? Absolutely, NO. I don't hope that any sponsor site is attached to my blog without my permission.

Come Off

come off (事が) 行われる、起こる / うまくいく、成功する

● "I'm hoping to become a tour conductor of JF Travel Agency, but it might not come off."

"They've already got some excellent ones who speak English well."

● I had to write five haikus after going around a rose garden, and it came off really well."

"Come off it." と命令形で言うと、ぜんぜん違う意味になる。何かを深く疑っているときに使う言い方で、”ばか言うな、いい加減にしろ。”

● "Come off it, Mike. You don't expect me to believe that my wife bought a luxurious watch for Tetsuya, do you? She is not an extravagant person and is really a good wife for me."

Today's haiku

Ferris wheel

turning slowly into

the clouds of sakura


Freak Out

freak out 本当にいやだ、どうしようかと思った


=If someone freaks, or if something freaks them, they suddenly feel extremely surprised, upset, angry, or confused.(INFORMAL)

●I saw five cop cars pull into the driveway. And I literally freaked...

●I think they got freaked by women laughing at them.

Freak out means the same as freak

● "Being on the roof of a high-rise building really freaks me out. I keep thinking I'm going to fall out of it."

"It freaked me out to walk on the roof of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mary. I'm the same as you."

I went to Oji Zoo in Kobe the other day for haiku outing.
I submitted five haikus and two of them were chosen.



Go Bananas

go bananas  頭にくる、かんかんに怒る、頭がおかしくなる、熱狂(興奮)する、夢中になる

If someone is becoming in a silly or crazy way, or if they become extremely angry, you can say that they are going bananas.(INFORMAL)

● People went bananas with the boredom of the flight.

● Adamson's going to go bananas on this one.

● "I've gone bananas over a PC. I net-surf for about five hours after school."

"That's too much, Mike. You should let go of your mouse and go outside once in a while."

My former teacher of the English conversation club came back to Japan two weeks ago. Five members, including me, got together with the teacher on April 3rd at a tearoom in a hotel near by. We had a very good time with her over coffee and cake for about two and a half hours.

After having left Japan last March, she traveled from Florida to Seattle , visiting 30 States in the U.S. She said that she really had reconfirmed America is a vast country. From now on, she is going to live in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture for six months as a pastor's wife. Her gentle smile always heals me and I'm very glad that she is going to stay in Japan.

Go Pear Shape, Go Pear-shape, Go Pear-shaped

go pear shape, go pear-shape, go pear-shaped


● My plans to settle a dispute peacefully between two families have gone all pear shape. I've completely given up.


●The project to build a new Shinkansen station in our city has gone pear-shape. Governor of our prefecture has denied us permission.

●His plans to get Mary back have gone pear-shaped.


My English haiku was chosen by Asahi Weekly on April 5. I was very glad and excited. I will continue to learn English haiku at Kobe Cross Cultural Center.

a helicopter

intensifying sunlight

spring sky

日差しを強めているヘリコプター / 春の空