Books for Fun


The end of November is approaching. I haven’t written down my diary so often in the last several months. Continuing something is very difficult for me. It’s my weak point. Especially, my categories of “study” and “book” are very poor. I should write about them more.

A store dealing in foreign books went bankrupt recently and many foreign books are being sold at half - price at a nearby bookstore.. I bought five books written in English; The Bridges of Madison, Dead Poets Society, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I was very glad I could buy all of them at half - price. I will read them next year.

Now I am reading Murder on The Orient Express by Agatha Christie and Gift from The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I have to finish reading them by the end of this year.

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Tamba Sasayama (2)


We strolled around the town of Sasayama where many stores and stalls were standing in a row along the main street. They sell black beans soybeans, matsutake mushrooms, persimmons, chestnuts, saba-zusi(vinegared rice placed in the bottom of a square box topped with marinated mackerel) and so on. We enjoyed shopping, munching loasted chestnuts on the crowded street.

I saw an auction of beef cattle at a square for the first time. They sold cattle which they had raised and one of the cattle was bought for 2,850,000 yen. I felt sorry for cattle which were going to be eaten soon.

At the ruins of Castle Sasayama, we tried to find the materials of haiku and had a haiku gathering at a nice sweet shop, Daihukudo.

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Tamba Sasayama 丹波篠山


I went to Tamba Sasayama 丹波篠山 in Hyogo Prefecture with the seven members of the English haiku club on Nov.22. It took about one hour from JR Amagasaki to Sasayama-guchi on the Hukuchiyama Line. We got there around 11 and directly went to an Italian restaurant, Italian Dining Akane, to take a lunch. The old house with a thatched roof , which was built 400 years ago, is remodeled into a modern Italian restaurant.


The Italian cuisines were cooked with fresh vegetables which were cultivated at Akane Farm in Sasayama. I appreciated tasty dishes and the background music of American Jazz. Some cultures were mixed up and the harmony was wonderful.

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The 11th Pilgrimage

I took part in the eleventh bus trip to Shikoku as a part of 88 Temple Pilgrimage on Nov. 17 and 18. I visited 13 temples in Kagawa Prefecture for two days. I happily finished 11th pilgrimage,totally 78 temples, though we were caught in a shower sometimes in the last day. Autumn leaves in the temples were absolutely wonderful. This is the statue of Kobo-daishi 弘法大師. Kobo-daish is worshiped at 88 temples in Shingon-shu 真言宗 and so the temples have Daishi-do 大師堂 and Hon-do 本堂.

The most impressed temple is Unpen-ji Temple 雲辺寺, which is located on high up in a mountain, say 900 meters above sea level. I went up the mountain in a gondola. The temperature was five degrees centigrade. I shivered with sudden cold. There are Gohyaku-rakan 五百羅漢 in the temple. Each Rakan has its own face.

The picture of a big eggplant is Otanominasu おたのみなす. Your dream will come true if you sit on the eggplant and pray.

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Autumn Leaves in My Town

It rained last night here and stopped raining around 10 this morning. The temperature has become lower than yesterday, but it is still warm. Last week we were given three consecutive warm days after several cold days. We can call such warm days Indian Summer.

I hung around my town to enjoy autumn leaves a few days ago. This year leaves are not damaged badly because there were no typhoons which hit Japan in early autumn..

Every tree has its own beauty. I wish I could paint these beautiful trees. There are some kinds of maple trees which are different from ordinary Japanese ones. They have big leaves, say 15cm wide, and look like maple trees in Canada, which I saw near Niagara Falls. The end of the best season for viewing autumn leaves is approaching in Japan.

この樹登らば鬼女となるべし夕紅葉     三橋鷹女

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Trouble in My Printer

I am now using my husband’s laptop computer, which he hasn’t used at all these days. Strange to say, he doesn’t like a PC as well as my daughter. My son and I like using a PC.

I couldn’t listen to music by You tube with my old PC. The new laptop is much more convenient for me to do some things; e.g. copying websites or listening to music. I decided not to use my old laptop.

So I installed my old printer into this new laptop. However, I couldn’t print out anything yesterday. I was puzzled how to do. The season of New Year’s cards is coming soon. After having read a guide book of the printer, I cleaned a head nozzle of the printer more than five times last night and today I set new ink cartridges.

Eventually, I have succeeded in printing. I hadn’t used my printer for about two months. It is necessary to use a printer once in a while. Anyway, I’m now ready for printing New Year’s cards.

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I went to 相楽園 near Kobe Subway 県庁前 Station to see神戸菊花展 with my friend the other day. It was a lovely autumnal day and the best day for chrysanthemum-viewing. There were many visitors enjoying beautiful flowers and hanging around the garden. Some were having lunch sitting on a vinyl cloth or a bench. My friend and I bought dumplings mixed with mugwort(ヨモギ)in a small stall set in the garden. We enjoyed the flavor of mugwort very much, forgetting to write haiku.

There were many outstanding works with chrysanthemum by masters. It was very interesting even school children's works were displayed. It must be very difficult to make chrysanthemum bloom. The exhibition is worth viewing. It is going to be held until Nov.23.


懸崖の菊見るといふ遠さあり        後藤夜半

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