From the Word Go

from the word go 初めから  =from the beginning

A commonly used phrase that is suitable in both formal or informal situations.

I'm not surprised to hear he went bankrupt. He often talked big, and his splendid franchise was built on a house of cards.( 彼が手広くおこなっているフランチャイズ事業は砂上の楼閣だった。)
I never trusted him from the word go.

I was fascinated with his smile from the word go. His smile attracted everyone around him, men or women. Smile has strong power.
A famous novelist, Riichi Yokomitsu, says in his novel "微笑" that smile is a beam of light which kills human heart

Take It From Me

Take it from me  よく聞いて、わたしを信じて

● "I've been on a diet with bananas. Take it from me. I've already lost three kilograms"

"So what? Listen. Take it from me. I don't believe that only one food has an effect on dieting."

Don't take it from me. 信じていただかなくてもいいですが。

● "Don't take it from me. Ask Mari. She also lost weight on with bananas."

I finished reading 俳句 四合目からの出発 written by  安部しょう人 last night. The book was very interesting. Abe criticizes many beginners' haikus, pointing their weak points humorously. He classifies many haikus; トンチンカン俳句、筋金入り俳句、蛇足俳句、ナルシス俳句、サッカリン俳句、必死俳句、久米仙俳句 and so on. I laughed and laughed. After that, I figured out many important points when writing haiku.

"Gift from the Sea"

I have been tidying up the rooms in my house these days. I’ve already finished cleaning screen doors and window panes. There are lots of works to do by the end of this month.

A few days ago, I found the book, Gift from the Sea, which I had left half-read, while making my small bookshelf neat. There were still 30 pages left out of 130 pages. I 've just finished reading it.

This book is a classical essay written by Anne Morrow Lindberg. I read a Japanese version of this book written translated by 落合恵子 many years ago. When starting to read the English version, I couldn’t get used to her Anne Morrow's rich style.

It was a little bit difficult for me to read, because it is too theoretical. Her deep thoughts are written poetically and in a philosophical manner. If you like to consider things in the abstract, I’ll recommend you this book.

Every stage of women’s lives is written thoughtfully compared to some shells on the beach. It is good, on occasion, to philosophize about the meaning of life.

Channelled Whelk にし貝
Moon Shell つめた貝
Double-Sunrise ひので貝
Oyster Bed 牡蠣のベッド
Argonauta あおい貝

I referred to the Japanese version of the book to understand the English version fully.


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Murder on the Orient Express

I finished reading Murder on the Orient Express today. This mystery is so popular that many people have already read the book or see seen the movie. Strange to say, I didn’t remember the story fully and began to read it.

At the end of the story, I recalled the story vividly to my mind. I have once read it in Japanese or seen the movie. I am really forgettable forgetful these days. The solution of this crime surprises all the readers and they can’t forget the end of this mystery..

A notorious American fugitive was murdered on the Orient Express. He was stabbed a dozen times. There were twelve suspects on the luxurious train. Each of them had an alibi which other suspects proved. Detective Poirot struggled to break the suspects’ alibis.

Finally, all of the suspects were guilty and they couldn’t be blamed. They were connected with a sad tragedy; an innocent angel-like girl had been killed by the American fugitive, the victim on the train.

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Books for Fun


The end of November is approaching. I haven’t written down my diary so often in the last several months. Continuing something is very difficult for me. It’s my weak point. Especially, my categories of “study” and “book” are very poor. I should write about them more.

A store dealing in foreign books went bankrupt recently and many foreign books are being sold at half - price at a nearby bookstore.. I bought five books written in English; The Bridges of Madison, Dead Poets Society, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I was very glad I could buy all of them at half - price. I will read them next year.

Now I am reading Murder on The Orient Express by Agatha Christie and Gift from The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I have to finish reading them by the end of this year.

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