The Last Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku

I took part in the 12th temple pilgrimage in Shikoku on Dec. 21 and 22. There were 33 members who participated in this bus trip. Before starting, I was most worried about the poor weather because the weather forecast had said it would rain for the two days. Fortunately, we only had rain at the 88th temple, 大窪寺.

I visited ten temples from No.79 to No. 88 in Kagawa Prefecture and the first temple, 霊山寺 in Tokushima, totally 11 temples for two days. I could finally completed 88 temples this year.

We visited Tennouji Temple 天皇寺 through a red torii 鳥居; a gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine. It's very interesting that a temple and a Shinto shrine are worshipped in the same place. I also saw oinari-san お稲荷さん in another temple.

Do you see a kind of a monster in this picture? This is the statue of ushi-oni 牛鬼 in Negoro-ji Temple 根香寺.

This is Daikokuten 大黒天.

This is Benzaiten 弁財天.

This is Chigo-daishi 稚児大師.

This is Gankake-daishi 願掛け大師.

This is the main building of Yashima-ji Temple 屋島寺. It is influenced by China, 唐風.

A family of a raccoon dog are worshipped.

We threw away some kawara 瓦, a tile to the Seto Inland Sea near Dan-no-ura 壇ノ浦、where Genji and Heike had battled, in order to drive out an evil spirit.

Speaking of Sanuki(Kagawa Prefecture), we can't forget refined noodle, Sanuki-udon 讃岐うどん.
Hard bread, 硬パン in Zentuu-ji Temple(No.75) is also delicious.

Thank you so much for your reading. Nearly one year has passed since I started My Twilight Years. Thanks to your warm support, I could keep a diary for one year. I want to take a rest for a while. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year in 2009, everyone!


The 11th Pilgrimage

I took part in the eleventh bus trip to Shikoku as a part of 88 Temple Pilgrimage on Nov. 17 and 18. I visited 13 temples in Kagawa Prefecture for two days. I happily finished 11th pilgrimage,totally 78 temples, though we were caught in a shower sometimes in the last day. Autumn leaves in the temples were absolutely wonderful. This is the statue of Kobo-daishi 弘法大師. Kobo-daish is worshiped at 88 temples in Shingon-shu 真言宗 and so the temples have Daishi-do 大師堂 and Hon-do 本堂.

The most impressed temple is Unpen-ji Temple 雲辺寺, which is located on high up in a mountain, say 900 meters above sea level. I went up the mountain in a gondola. The temperature was five degrees centigrade. I shivered with sudden cold. There are Gohyaku-rakan 五百羅漢 in the temple. Each Rakan has its own face.

The picture of a big eggplant is Otanominasu おたのみなす. Your dream will come true if you sit on the eggplant and pray.

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The 10th Temple Pilgrimage

10kai 1
I finished the 10th Temple Pilgrim in Shikoku on October 21 and 22. I visited six temples in Ehime Prefecture, totally 65 out of 88 temples in Shikoku. I am going to visit 23 temples within this year. It was lucky that I was blessed with fine weather for two days. Before reaching my home, it began to rain slightly. The next day I could rest quietly at home listening to the sound of autumn rain.

The harvest season has almost finished in Shikoku. I could see some colored leaves but not so much. The best season of autumn leaves is coming soon. Shiki sakura was blooming in Sankakuji Temple 三角寺.. The temple has a large tree of yama-zakura of 400 years old. In spring, the scenery of the tree must be gorgeous. There is a haiku monument of Issa saying, “これでこそ登りかいあり山桜”.

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Haiku and Matsuyama

an old building of the spa at Dogo

Madonna and Bocchan. You can take a picture there.

I stayed overnight at the spa at Dogo in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. This hot- spring resort is widely known as the town related to Shiki Masaoka(a haiku poet) and Soseki Natsume(a novelist). This old building is the symbol of the resort, which is well known as Bocchan-yu. It’s said Soseki often visited this hot spring while his staying in Matsuyama. You can take a bath there for 400 yen. Some cats seemed to feel relaxed on the streets and benches. They must be cherished very much by the citizens and visitors, though I don’t know if they are house cats. They must be thankful for the novel Wagahai wa neko de aru ( I Am A Cat.)by Soseki.

a haiku post

Matsuyama is the hometown of Shiki Masaoka. There are a lot of haiku monuments here and there in the town. Many people are devoting themselves to writing haiku. I found a haiku post where you can freely post your haiku. There is a nice site of haiku in Matsuyama. You can read it in both Japanese and English.

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The Ninth Temple Pilgrimage in Shikoku



I took part in the ninth bus trip to Shikoku as a part of 88 Temple Pilgrimage. I visited eight temples (from No. 52 to 59) in Ehime Prefecture on Sep. 24 and 25. It was fine and still a little bit hot. I heard a cicada singing in the woods. This time, there were not very hard temples to reach.



The panoramic view from Sen-yuji Temple 仙遊寺 was awesome. I could see Shimanami Kaidou and Imabari City clearly from high up in the temple. As you know well, Shimanami Kaido is proud of a number of islands. The scenery is absolutely wonderful.

キリシタン灯篭 is in a small corner of Enmyouji Temple 円明寺. It is said that some Christians dedicated themselves to Jesus Christ in the temple to be free from the harsh oppression in those days. An image of the Virgin Mary can be seen faintly on a small stone statue. It’s interesting that the temple has had Christians’ symbol for a long time. There is a temple originated from a shrine, perhaps Ishiteji, but I’m not sure. Generally speaking, Japanese aren’t bound tightly by a single religion. That’s interesting.

To be continued.

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