200px-Hotel_Rwanda_movie[1]I watched the film HOTEL RWANDA on TV last night. This historical drama film was co-produced in 2004 by US, British, Italian and South African companies, and was released in Japan in 2006.

This film is based on a true story.
Shockingly, almost a million African people were killed in the small country of Rwanda, near Lake Victoria in Africa. This historical massacre is called Rwandan Genocide and it was caused by a conflict between two tribes, i.e. Tutsi and Hutu.

A hero, a hotel manager, bravely saved more than a thousand refugees in the midst of no help from other countries and UN. This film reminds me of Shindler’s List, and actually is called African Shindler’s List.

How scary the hatred of human beings is! How bravely a human could act! The song which was sung in the last tells us the whole story of the film and is absolutely wonderful. It’s worth watching.

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Musical Film "The Little Prince"

71KSEVBBQBL._SL500_AA280_[1]I watched the DVD of a musical film”The Little Prince” yesterday, for the first time. Needless to say, it is a well-known fable for children and grown-ups. There are a number of impressive phrases throughout the book. Those phrases make us think about what is important in our lives.

In the musical film, I was so attracted to some of the dancing scenes and music by the snake and the fox. Those dances express the nature of animals and reptiles very well. In particular, the snake’s dancing is absolutely wonderful. The movie gave me more pleasure than the book.

I like this book very much. I have already read it in Japanese, but not yet English version. Today, I bought the book translated from the French by Richard Howard. English in the book seems easy enough for TOEIC 470

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King Kong(2005 remake)

I watched the movie ”King Kong”(2005 remake) on TV the other day. I had not been interested in “King Kong” for ages. This time I only wanted to kill time on weekend. I never thought I would cry while watching it. Unexpectedly, I was sometimes moved to tears. The beautiful music also promoted my cry.

This is a story of pure love through breathtaking adventures. That huge King Kong looked so cute like an innocent middle school student who fell into his first love. He only hoped to save and protect a beautiful woman, Ann (Naomi Watts), and to stay with her. In spite of his risky fighting against dinosaurs to save her, he didn’t expect anything more in return from her. What kind of love is this? Paternal love? Love for humanity? Love between a man and a woman? Longing for a beautiful woman? First love?

The last moment of King Kong on the top of a tall Manhattan building at twilight was miserable, but absolutely wonderful in a sense. There was a real meeting of minds between King Kong and Ann. It’s worth watching.

Nomi Watts (the movie 21 Grams) and Andrien Brody(the movie ”The Pianist” 戦場のピアニスト) played important roles in the movie.


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The Movie "21 Grams"

D111728573[1]I took interest in the title of the movie"21 Grams". I wondered whose weight it was. 21 grams is equivalent to the weight of chocolate bar or a hummingbird.

Shockingly, the movie says that we all lose 21 grams at the exact moment of our death. I was astonished that our lives could be expressed as figures.

Is life so light? Life is heavier than the earth, isn't it? In the movie, people fall into the deepest sorrow and solitude when they lose their beloved ones. Finally, the movie tells us that life is the heaviest thing around us.

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The Movie "Blue Butterfly"

D111752790[1]I watched the film ” Blue Butterfly” on TV last night. This is a 2004 drama/adventure film directed by Leo Pool and starring William Hurt and Marc Donato.

It’s based on a true story about a ten-year-old Canadian boy who suffered from brain cancer and was iinformed that he was dying within some months. His only one dream in his limited life was to see and catch a blue butterfly, which was the most beautiful butterfly in the world. An entomologist昆虫学者 helped him go to the jungle of the up-country, Amazon in South America, to seek the blue butterfly.

After their dangerous adventure, the boy and the entomologist saw the miraculous blue butterfly flying, shining in the jungle of Amazon but didn’t catch it. To make matters worse, they dropped into a deep hole and the entomologist was injured seriously. The boy could manage to go up to the ground and ran desperately to the nearby village for help, being terrified with the darkness of the jungle at night. Fortunately, the entomologist was helped.

One day, a gentle girl living in the village gave him the blue butterfly in a cage, The boy was very glad and tried to make specimens 標本にする of the butterfly. However, he let it go. The butterfly flied away happily. Miracle happened. His cancer was cured after the adventure. This is a true story.

The nature in Amazon is magnificent. I highly recommend you, if you like to see the beauty of nature. The catchphrase of the film is “The only way to catch a miracle is to believe in it.”

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