How Shall I Put It?

How shall I put it? どう言ったらいいかな?


● I bought a jacket by mail order the other day. Uh, its a little bit different from my imagination----how shall I put it? It's more showy than the picture in a catalog .


●" Well, Masa, how shall I put it? I saw the movie you recommended and frankly, it was, well, just okay."

"Sorry, Sachi. I thought for sure you'd like it."

just okay は”まあまあ”という意味ですが、この場合は明らかに”かなりひどい”ということ。

Our instructor in the haiku club has been hospitalized for a physical checkup since this Monday. He is 91 years old and his vitality for writing and teaching haiku is vigorous.
We went to Suma no Tenjin-san last Friday to write haiku. Each of us submitted five haikus to him. I didn't expect the result would send me soon, but I received it this Tuesday. I was very glad to know that he read and selected our haikus in spite of his condition.

This time, one haiku of mine was chosen as one of the best five out of 60 haikus. Other four haikus of mine were rejected.



See To It

see to it ~の準備(世話)をする、(~するように)面倒をみる

● "I saw to it that Yoke got a bouquet before I invited her to dinner."

"You really treat her well, Ken, don't you?"



● "Listen, Mike. Now that I have had enough, I want to go home. But I want you to pick up my children tomorrow and take them to a zoo. See to it, okay?

see to it が命令形で用いられると。”ちゃんとやって” とか"頼んだよ”とか状況によっては約束したよ”の意味になる。

"Sure, darling, I'll see to everything."


I went to Higashi-yuuenchi 東遊園地 in Sannomiya to write haiku with the members of haiku club the other day. There is a stone tablet inscribed with our instructor's haiku on it in the garden. It is called Rainbow Stone 虹の石.

Rainbow Stone is made of a big rock, which is hollowed and made into a basin. Our instructor's haiku is inscribed at the bottom of the basin. The basin is filled with clear water. The water always circulates to keep clean.

虹の足とは不確に美しき   後藤比奈夫

ends of

a dreamy rainbow

beauty of uncertainty

               (translated by ?)

I wrote five haikus and three of them were accepted by our instructor.




Be My Guest

Be my guest. どうぞどうぞ。

"May I have a bit more mochi?"

"Sure, be my guest. There's plenty more where that came from."

"There's plenty more where that came from." は英語のクリーシェ(cliche, 決まり文句) で、”まだまだたくさんあるから。”の意味。

I attended the Japanese haiku gathering yesterday afternoon. It was likely to rain anytime soon, so I carried an umbrella with me. It was raining when the haiku gathering ended at three.

I submitted five haikus as usual. Twenty- five haikus won a prize and six haikus won a special prize out of 125 haikus. My result was so so. I was glad that one of my haikus won a prize.


Thirteen people came to observe our haiku gathering. I was a little bit nervous and had stiff shoulders.

A Letdown 失望、幻滅

a letdown=a let-down 失望、幻滅

to let someone down 誰かの期待に背く。誰かをがっかりさせる

The movie was a real letdown. It was filled with violence and human hatred. I would like to see a dreamy movie at the beginning of this year.

His attitude really let me down. I'll never talk with him again. He just can't be counted on.(まったく当てにならない)

I attended a Japanese haiku club the other day. A paper was handed out to each of us. Our haikus in the last time were printed on it. Excellent haikus were printed in the first column and poor ones in the next. Our instructor explained about why they were poor and advised us how to polish them.

Unfortunately, one of my haikus was in the bad haikus. I was ready for his severe comment. However, he said that my haiku was interesting, but I should have been careful when using the word "心"(heart). 心 is a difficult word.


Withered Chrysanthemums

I joined the Japanese haiku class yesterday in the afternoon. Before the class, I dropped in at Sannomiya Sogo Department Store to send a year-end gift to one of my relatives. I was afraid it was too late to send it, but it was all right.

I reached the haiku class around 12:30 p.m. There were Lots of items related related to this month were displaying on the table in the room; Japanese karuta, a battledore, sugoroku, a Christmas wreath, winter cherry blossoms, withered chrysanthemums and so on.

We tried to write haikus about them and submitted five haikus as usual. The given themes(兼題) were 水涸るand コート.






My result was the worst. I only got one point on the first haiku. I’ll have to concentrate on studying Japanese haiku next year.

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