To Die For

To die for. すごい、ダントツの、死にそうに、もう最高

"Our former American teacher was good at cooking and her pumpkin cake was to die for."

"Yeah, yeah. Her cake is out of this world. I just love it. She may be baking a cake in America and serving it to people around her."

"out of this world" もよく似た意味で、”特別上等の、飛び切りの、すてきな”

I'm dying to~ なんとしても~したい

I'm dying to see the Phantom of the Opera which is running at the Showaza. I hear it's just out of this world.

I visited my friend who lives in a neighboring block yesterday afternoon. I carried rice cakes to her, which were sent to me by my father at the end of last month. The rice cakes are to die for. I'm sure I put on at least a kilo.

She served me a piece of cake made in Taneya originated in Shiga. The cake was a Baumkuchen.
I was sent Taneya's Baumkuchen by my father living in Shiga several times. I was very glad that a cake in Shiga was served in Hyogo as a delicious one. The Baumkuchen is sold at Hanshin Department Store in Osaka.

Anyway, we chatted for one and a half hours over a delicious cake and fragrant tea.

That's the Thing!

That's the thing! それだ! そのとおりだ! それがまさにほしかった!

"Ah, ama-zake. That's the thing! Thanks, Tomoko."

"No problem. I could see you needed one."(あなた、それが欲しそうな顔してたもん。)

That's the thing! と同じ言い方に、"Just what the doctor ordered." がありますが、医者とは全く関係なく、”まさに必要なもの、ちょうどほしいと思っていたもの”の意味。

" I'm exhausted. Oh, a hot sake. Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks, Nobuko"

I received a thank you call from my friend. She thanked me for giving her a bag of FEILER. She has been suffering from a stomach cancer since last autumn. I wanted to console her with something. She was sorry that she hadn't inquired about me when I had been in a poor health. I said, "You are welcome. You sent me a bag and kitchen mats that you made yourself."

Happily, now she can eat much more than in December and has joined an art club again recently. I hope she will have an enjoyable life.


I went to 相楽園 near Kobe Subway 県庁前 Station to see神戸菊花展 with my friend the other day. It was a lovely autumnal day and the best day for chrysanthemum-viewing. There were many visitors enjoying beautiful flowers and hanging around the garden. Some were having lunch sitting on a vinyl cloth or a bench. My friend and I bought dumplings mixed with mugwort(ヨモギ)in a small stall set in the garden. We enjoyed the flavor of mugwort very much, forgetting to write haiku.

There were many outstanding works with chrysanthemum by masters. It was very interesting even school children's works were displayed. It must be very difficult to make chrysanthemum bloom. The exhibition is worth viewing. It is going to be held until Nov.23.


懸崖の菊見るといふ遠さあり        後藤夜半

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Best Friend

Human cannot live alone. So everyone seeks friends. In adolescence, especially, we look for a close friend or a good friend. We have a good chance to meet our good friends whom we contact with and can't forget throughout our lives. However, we are apt to want our friend to be perfect. There is no one to be perfect. I also made a lot of mistakes in getting along with my friends. Young people are pure and fragile. They tend to be hurt by only trivial words and incidents. And finally, they leave their friends. I also met many friends and left them.

What I want most from a friend is for them to be reliable. I can consult with my friend about my private problem, mostly because there is a feeling of mutual trust between us. I don't always talk about happy things with my friends, but I want my friend to listen to my worries and to help me solve them. However, I have to be careful not to demand my friend too much. I also think a great deal of my friend. Even if I don't agree entirely with my friend, just being together consoles me. I think there are not so many ideal friends in the world. Young people, don't be depressed too much if you can't find a good friend around you at this moment. Life is long.

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Alumni Association

I went to Osaka to attend the meeting of my alumni association of high school. which was held at a hotel near Osaka Statio from 12:00. The meeting this time was scheduled to gather only representatives of each school year.

Forty schoolmates were present. The oldest mate is in his late seventies and the youngest is in his middle forties. Some activities like Walking Club events and Golf Club were reported to us. We enjoyed having lunch chatting with each other, listening to each member’s situation lately.

I was very encouraged to know my senior class members were very healthy and active. One of the senior class members said, laughing, “I’m already in 後期高齢者 group. Soon, I am going to be in 末期高齢者 group.” 後期高齢者 is a bad naming, isn’t it?

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