Scare Up

scare up ~をかき集める、努力して入手する、用意する=make or come up with something although you have very few things to make it from or choose from

scare は動物などを ”おびえさせる、こわがらせる” の意味で、食糧となる獲物を木の上に追い詰めて、手に入れる様子から生まれた表現

● Although I have some more guests than I expected, I think I can scare up enough food for everyone.

● He scared up a few friends for playing mah-jongg.

● She scared up woolen yarn in her closet to knit a cushion cover.

Today is National Foundation Day. I don't have a national flag in my house, so I don't hoist one today. I scarcely see a national flag hoisted at the doors in my town these days.
I saw many Italian flags fluttering here and there when I visited Italy several years ago. I should be more proud of my country.

I am going to have smorgasbord dinner with my son's family tonight. I made a reservation at a buffet-style restaurant in a hotel near by a week ago. I am happy to have 20% discounts tickets for dinner from a town magazine.

To Fall For

to fall for  誰かにゾッコンである、誰かに夢中である / ~にだまされる、ひっかかる

● "Kate really fell for Mike. "

" I think she fell for his good-looking more than she fell for his character."

● We must be careful not to fall for wire fraud.

fall for ~hook, line and sinker 完全に騙されている

● Mari fell for Shinji hook, line and sinker and left her former boyfriend, Makoto. Now she regrets it, but it's too late.

Today is Setsubun, the day before the calendrical beginning of spring. We throw beans, shouting "Out with the demon and in with fortune!".
I've almost forgotten Setsubun and I have not prepared anything for it. I have to go out for the hula lesson this afternoon, so I'm wondering if I can cook maki-zushi, rolled sushi for dinner tonight. I may buy one at a store instead if I don't have enough time to cook.
We eat big rolled sushi, facing the happy direction of this year, East-North-East.

Autumnal Equinox Day

おはぎToday is Autumnal Equinox Day. It’s not hot any longer and the sky clears up. It’s true that neither heat nor cold lasts beyond the equinox, but recently the weather is unusual on account of global warming.

I made ohagi, a rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour, sesame, or green laver(ao-nori). I made bean jam last night with red beans in Hokkaido. And I cooked rice this morning. This time I mixed equal amounts of ordinary rice and glutinous rice (mochi-gome). I could make 22 rice balls from two cups of rice. They were very tasty. It’s safe to make anything at home if I have spare time to do so.

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Visit to My Family Tomb

My husband and son went to our hometown, Shiga Prefecture to visit our family tomb yesterday. Bon holidays have already started in some companies. My son drove a car in place of my husband. The expressway, Meishin, was not so crowded, though I couldn't go there with them. They cleaned the tomb ,and offered flowers, candles, incense and cakes. They visited both tombs of my husband's ancestors and my ancestors.

Tukudani of ayu was given by my father. Tsukudani 佃煮 means "food boiled down in sweetened soy sauce".Ayu is a specialty of Lake Biwa ,but to my regret, the numner of the fish is getting fewer.

A lot of eggplants were given by my neighbor in my hometown. I sliced one eggplant and pickled it with asaduke-no-moto 浅漬けの素 this morning. I will be able to eat it in 30 minutes.

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Midyear Gift

tyuugen.jpgI received the first midyear gift 御中元from my sister-in-law this morning. An alcoholic drink is my husband’s favorite. He seemed very glad to have it. My sister knows his favorite very well. I am going to send her fine wheat noodles ,soumen. 播州ソーメン is a specialty in Hyogo Prefecture.

At this time, we send gifts to people who have cared for us, e.g., relatives. siblings, doctors and so on. We send mainly food stuffs. In the Kanto region, they send gifts from the beginning of July to around July 15. In Kansai, they send gifts from the beginning of August till August 15. However, recently, this time difference is not clear. I don’t care about it so much. Anyway, it is better to send midyear gifts by August 15.

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