My blog is not displayed properly.

It was sunny with cloudy spells here today. I could enjoy a little warm sunshine, but only a little, very chilly as usual.

One third of my blog has failed to be displayed properly since around 8 tonight. I couldn’t find the columns of profile, new entries, recent comment, a manager’s page ,etc in my blog. Finally I could find them on the downside. The day before yesterday I tried to open my blog in vain so often that I couldn’t help doubting that FC2 blog servers have some problems. I wish I could use this blog comfortably and smoothly.

Sanuki-udon, wheat- flour noodles in Sanuki

It is very cold and the sky is covered with thick layer of clouds. The coldest season of the year has already set in.

Nice to meet you,○○○. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I can't find out where you are and I don't know how to reply to your comment as I am a beginner. If I could know your URL, I would visit you and leave a comment for you.
Yeah, Sanuki-udon, wheat- flour noodles in Sanuki(Kagawa Prefecture) is very delicious. It is sold here and there in Shikok. This time each of the tour members was given a bag of Sanuki-udon as a small gift by the travel agency. It took eight minutes to boil it and it was very chewy to bite and was very,very good. One of the relatives sent me Sanuki-udon last November while he was traveling in Shikoku. The udon was very easy to cook. It took only 60~90 seconds to boil. It had not been so firm compared with the one I was given this time by the travel agency. The taste was good and cooking that udon was a piece of cake.

a piece of cake---非常に楽なこと、簡単なこと

the disaster's 13th anniversary

At 5:46 a.m. on January 17, 1995, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred. The number of victims is 6434.

I sometimes check foods for an emergency after I experienced the earthquake. Fortunately, there was not so much heavy damage in my area, however, lifelines like water, electricity and gas inevitably stopped. Imagine that you can't access all of them all of a sudden. Eelectricity was restored at first and next was the gas. Water was the last. I couldn't wash my hands and face. Of course, I couldn't cook. I gradually faced a shortage of drinking water. The biggest problem was the toilets. Sorry for my dirty story. A water supply truck came to my area in about three days. I was really relieved at that time. Today I checked the expiration date of emergency foods in my closet near my door. I have been storing kanpan dried bread, senbei Japanese rice crackers, arare rice biscuits, canned bread ,candies and so on. Needless to say, bottled water is indispensable. Small vinyl bags and a pair of cooking scissors are very convenient for emergencies. Knives and cooking boards are not necessary. You can cut vegetables or meat with scissors and mix them in a venyl bag. I need to get used to survival cooking to deal with a natural disaster.

Happy New Year

May this new year be filled with good health and happiness for you and your family!